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How To Get V-bucks?

Since the release of the Battle Royale Playgrounds. Fornite the game developed by Epic Games, has turned into the most popular game in the world. Thousands of new players are signing up each week to master this co-op sandbow survival video game. V-bucks are the most valuable resources in the game. It is used to unlock premium in-game features like cosmetic upgrades like: Raven, Dark Vanguard, Rex and Raptor. But you can also unlock awesome dancing moves like the: Electro Shuffle, Fresh and the famous Dab.

The game is divided into two seperate gaming modes: Save the world (PVE) and Battle Royale (PVP). in the PVE Campaign you can use V-bucks to purchase Pinata Llamas you can smash them to randomly win epic and legendary weapons and heroes. Sometimes you receive really good items and sometimes you don’t.

In Battle Royale, V-bucks are used to purchase non-performance upgrades like skins and dancing moves. You can change the looks of your pickaxe, glider or character. This way you can customize the way opponents view you in the lobby and during battle. The lobby is a great place to show your unique dances.

Requirments to earn free V-bucks The battle Royale gaming mode is free to download on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. However, if you want to play the Campaign, you will need to purchase the Fortnite game. Sometimes they provide discounts so don’t purchase for the full price. With the latter you can continously earn free v-bucks by completing challenges and quests during the campaign. You can also earn it in Battle Royale. However, it is required to purchase the Battle Pass for 1000 V-bucks before you can receive the benefits. The great thing, is that you can earn your payment back by levelling up the Battle Tiers. In order to get the Battle pass you should complete a payment or you can use our generator! Once you have have it unlocked you can start leveling by completing daily missions and weekly challenges. This will earn you enough V-bucks to purchase your Battle Royale pass for the next season. Thus, if you don’t feel like spending to much money on Fortnite Battle Royale. You can stack enough bucks to make sure that you are settled for all seasons. However, when you get seduced to spend it on something else. You can use our guide to start farming. There are also rumours spreading about the Save The World Gaming Mode. Some say it will be available for free somewhere in 2018. This open ups opportunites. But time will have to teach us.

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